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A new season

Fathom exists to connect, unite and inspire in a world that is far too divided. We deepen human connections by delivering deep travel experiences on Carnival Corporation ships, onshore, and in our travelers' communities.

During our first season, Fathom trialed a purpose-driven travel experience to test consumer appetites for travel-deep experiences by delivering 7-day journeys on the MV Adonia to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Nearly 10 percent of Fathom travelers returned quickly to participate again and our customer satisfaction scores were among the highest in the corporation. The Fathom experiences and concept have been very well received.

Now it is time to serve our much broader corporate audience of 12 million travelers and many others. The reception of the Fathom experience with travelers who sailed with us inspired us to move quickly to expand the Fathom concept - onboard, onshore and in new creative ways to serve an even greater audience.

We are responding to a macro trend around the hunger for greater meaning and purpose in our everyday lives – people want to live their best story and long to go deeper. These are people who work to combine their purchases and experiences with their values and long to connect deeply, in community.

Going forward, Fathom Travel experiences will live aboard countless other ships operated by our nine sister brands and offer immersive experiences and inspiring, catalytic moments in many geographies. Fathom will continue to expand and to inspire travelers to unlock their potential and connect to a bigger story.

Already, we are providing Fathom Travel experiences on-ground to travelers across six other Carnival Corporation brands in the Dominican Republic. We are honored to leverage our collective scale as we come alongside our Dominican friends to create enduring contributions to the lives of families and communities. Soon Fathom experiences will also be offered on board our sister brands and on-shore in new places.

As we begin a new chapter, we are excited to invite you along for the rest of the Fathom story and for this “one wild and precious” ride. We want to get to know you, just as you are. Our story is about your story, and the power and possibility of bringing our world closer together.

Our Story

  • 2013
    Fathom president Tara Russell and Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald start to discuss possibility of harnessing and leveraging the potential that exists within Carnival Corporation & plc.
  • 2015
  • June
    Fathom brand is publicly launched and revealed in Washington Heights (NYC) and pioneers a new category of purpose-driven travel and begins selling sailings to the Dominican Republic.
  • June Jun
    The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of Commerce grant approval to Fathom Carnival Corporation to begin travel to Cuba, via Fathom.
  • September Sept
    Fathom intends to visit three ports of call in Cuba — Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. The intended 7-day itinerary will feature an authentic Cuban cultural immersion – part learning, part sharing, all meaningful human connection and all immersion into the Cuban culture and full connection with the Cuban people.
  • 2016
  • Late March Mar
    Cuban approval paves way for Carnival Corporation, through its Fathom brand, to operate historic full-week sailings from the U.S. to Cuba starting in May 2016. Arnold Donald, Tara Russell, Arnie Perez and Giora Israel participate during a historic week where President Obama led various initiatives to drive further commerce between the United States and Cuba.
  • April Apr
    Fathom sails on its inaugural voyage to the Dominican Republic, on Sunday, April 17. The voyage is a major success as hundreds of travelers join Fathom for a unique weeklong journey that leaves a lasting impact on each of them, as well as an immediate impact on the people of the Dominican Republic.
  • April Apr
    Carnival Corporation participates in discussions with Cuba to allow cruise ships to operate in the same manner as existing air charter operations, which transport Cuba-born individuals to and from Cuba.
  • April Apr
    Cubans change regulations allowing all, including Cuban-born, to travel between the two countries by ship. Carnival Corporation announces it will sail as planned from the U.S. to Cuba with all travelers, including Cuba- born passengers, for the company's week-long voyages to Cuba on its Fathom brand. Carnival Corporation listed in historic Cuban press release announcing the changes.
  • May
    Fathom makes history with its arrival in Havana, marking the first time since the Kennedy administration that a U.S. cruise line sailed from the U.S. to Cuba. It also is the first time in decades that Cuban-born individuals were able to travel by sea to or from Cuba. Thousands of Cubans line the canal and the streets to greet Fathom travelers as they disembark in Havana with beautiful emotion.
  • September Sept
    In response to strong consumer demand for its cruises to Cuba – the only cruises from U.S. to one of world’s most in-demand destinations -- Fathom adds two new week-long Cuban voyages during the 2016 calendar year.
  • November Nov
    Given the success of the Fathom sailings, Fathom begins to offer its Dominican Republic social impact experiences to its Carnival Corporation sister cruise line brands sailing to its Amber Cove. Six additional sister brands now offer travelers the opportunity to participate in social impact experiences in the DR.
  • December Dec
    In response to strong consumer demand for its Cuba experiences and programming – the only cruises currently sailing from U.S. to one of world’s most in-demand destinations – Fathom adds Santiago de Cuba stops to six 2017 Dominican Republic sailings.
  • 2017
  • May
    As of May 15th, Fathom sails for the 27th time to the Dominican Republic.

    Reforestation and Nursery

    • 89

      trips to various reforestation sites by 2,639 travelers have led to...

    • 31,286

      seeds planted in our nurseries to begin their growth

    • 17,950

      seedlings transplanted from our nurseries into the Dominican soil

    Cacao and Women's Chocolate Cooperative

    • 141

      visits to Chocal by 4,748 travelers have led to...

    • 5,280

      pounds of nibs cleaned, which translates to 157,753 finished chocolate bars

    • 130,300

      products wrapped, packaged, and prepared for sale

    • 32,575

      cacao seeds planted in the nursery that services Chocal

    Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship

    • 11

      women becoming members of a cooperatively owned business

    • 3

      artisans having a safe workshop for their labor and a market for their products.

    • 140

      visits to RePapel by 4,031 travelers have led to 21,098 sheets of paper produced

    Concrete Floors in Community Homes

    • 89

      visits to Concrete Floors by 1,947 travelers have led to...

    • 372

      people in 98 homes receiving a new concrete floor, and a school of 168 students getting a new multi-use outside court

    • 3,376

      square meters of concrete laid

    These floors provide safer and healthier homes and areas for play. Homes and courts with concrete floors are easier to clean and less likely to cause respiratory problems. Young children are better able to develop their mobility on a smooth concrete floor. And concrete floors are a point of personal pride for the beneficiaries of this project.

    Water Filter Production

    • 53

      visits to the Wine to Water workshop by 1,322 travelers have led to...

    • 1,546

      water filters produced, benefiting an estimated 7,491 individuals who don't have access to safe drinking water.

    The recipients of these filters will experience a significant reduction in instances of waterborne illnesses, as well as const savings from not having to purchase expensive bottled water. Indirect benefits will include better work and school attendance.

  • June Jun
    Fathom sails for the 37th time to Cuba.
  • June Jun
    Fathom begins to further realize the dream corporately, fulfilling early intent to introduce and test a new, deep travel experience to a new audience, and also to share these experiences - onboard and onshore - with any of 9 sister brands corporately and onboard any one of our 100+ ships.
  • June Jun
    Fathom expands to a broader platform, working with Carnival Corporation sister brands to offer programming on board many ships. Fathom explores new possibilities and new channels for delivering Fathom experiences to all who are hungry.
“Making a dent in the universe should be more fun than anything else out there.”
Fathom CEO, Tara Russell

What brings energy to your days? What warms your heart and makes you pause and smile? What does joyful abundance mean to you? When do you feel at your best, living out your fullest potential?

These are some of the questions I've wrestled with because I want each day to matter and I selfishly want to live my best story. For me and for all of us at Fathom, it's so often through meaningful, catalytic human connections, opportunities where we are learning, growing and stretching, and times when we're connected to a bigger story.

Our commitment to you is that we'll be here with you on the journey. We'll be working to bring experiences to life that have transformative potential in our own lives, and also in yours. Eager to learn from and with you!


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