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Engage your hands and hearts while sailing to some of the world's most magnificent destinations.

Fathom's Travel Deep Groups offer a powerful combination of hands-on cultural activities while on-shore, and uniquely tailored programming while on-board. Our journeys encourage discovery, delight and truly meaningful moments of connection. Sail with Fathom and experience just how much further you can go.

Princess Cruises + Fathom Travel Present:


July 28, 2018

Fort Lauderdale — Grand Cayman — Roatan — Belize City — Cozumel — Fort Lauderdale

These special sailings offer you the chance to connect with local people and come alongside them to make an authentic impact on communities in need - and still have plenty of time for fun along the way. On these voyages you will experience the different cultures and enjoy the geographic diversity of the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. 

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August 18, 2018

Fort Lauderdale — Princess Cays — St. Maarten — St. Thomas — Fort Lauderdale

Join us as we sail to the Caribbean to both enjoy beautiful island destinations as well as offer our hearts and hands to come alongside the people in the places we visit. For more information on Fathom offerings both onboard and onshore, download and review our brochure. For more information about this particular sailing, visit our partner Princess Cruises website.

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November 17, 2018

Fort Lauderdale — San Juan — Amber Cove — Grand Turk — Fort Lauderdale

This is a unique journey to four tropical islands, where you will experience the most rewarding kind of travel: the opportunity to offer your hands and hearts to come alongside the communities and people still rebuilding after hurricanes Irma and Maria combined with the chance to soothe your soul amidst the sights and sounds of some of the Caribbean’s most alluring countries.

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