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Top 10 Reasons to Travel Deep with Fathom on Princess Cruises This Thanksgiving

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

It’s not a surprise that visiting the Caribbean is on many people’s bucket list. Who doesn’t want to stroll along sugary-sand beaches lapped by warm aqua waves under a sun that shines most days of the year?

But if you yearn to go beyond the surface of this pretty paradise and want to make a difference in the world as you travel through it, you need to journey to this magical realm with Fathom.

Here are the top ten reasons why (though we could easily come up with 100):

1.One ship, many shores There are 28 island nations in the Caribbean, each with a unique culture and characteristics. Why visit only one? Visiting several islands enables you to truly experience the richness and diversity of the region. And, at Fathom, we don’t just show you a culture, we take you deep inside it.

  1. Connect with locals Travelling deep into a culture means spending time with locals. Fathom develops authentic shore experiences by partnering with local communities, governments and organizations to provide impact options that will benefit the people and places we visit. Most of the activities involve coming alongside residents to address real community needs – so you make sustainable impacts and connections.

3.One vacation, many purposes With Fathom, you have access to all of the amenities on a luxurious Princess ship while also being able to participate in enrichment programming and to engage with locals on the islands you visit to make a genuine impact in these communities. It’s the perfect way to make the most of your time.


  1. Use your hands, hearts and/or heads The variety of Fathom shore activities enables you to engage in the way you feel most comfortable: you may have the option to build cement floors for a family that has never had one or plant seedlings to help a forest thrive. We also provide options that are less physical as we support local schools, students and educational programs and engage with women’s cooperatives to enhance small artisanal businesses.

  2. Bond with fellow travelers People from around the world take Princess cruises, so there is always a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere. Fathom makes it even more special by hosting social events for our travelers only – so you will meet people with whom you have a lot in common: the desire to make an impact and have fun doing it. And, your activities will be thoughtfully curated by a Fathom Impact Guide, a special group of professionals who have lived and worked all over the world and whose role it is to ensure your journey is everything you dreamed it could be – and so much more.

  3. Beaches, beaches, beaches; take pride in keeping them pristine You will have plenty of time to lounge on not one but several of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And, you might also have the chance to do beach clean-up alongside locals. There’s nothing more invigorating than diving into refreshing waves after having poured a little sweat into keeping the beach pristine.

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  1. Soothe the soul; soul search There is no form of transportation better at transporting you away from stress and worry than a cruise. A ship quietly sailing in the middle of the wide-open sea truly soothes the soul. On a Fathom trip, you can also do some soul searching by attending unique enrichment programming that might give you new perspectives on how to approach daily life once back home.

  2. Make memories as a family or group One of the best things about a Princess ship is the variety of events and entertainment for every age and interest. Fathom ups the ante by offering an extra selection of educational programming and hand-on activities on board and on ground to open the eyes – and hearts – of every member of the family to how others around the world live and thrive.

  3. Feasts fit for every Foodie Swimming, snorkeling, impact activities, touring – all build up an appetite. Plus, on vacation it’s fun to experiment with cuisine too complicated to make at home. On shore, you can sample local cuisine in every port. On a Princess ship your choices are almost unlimited. From sophisticated international cuisine to burgers and fries, from the mind-blowing buffet in a casual setting to three-course menus complimented by white linens and silver in the dining room, from farm-to-table concepts to creative bar bites to gluten-free food, there is something for every palate and at virtually any time of day or night.


  1. Home away from home Unpack only once! And then enjoy the comforts of home but with the amenities of a hotel; the entertainment options of restaurants, nightclubs, cocktail bars, movie theaters; the fitness choices of a gym, yoga studio and running track; the pampering possibilities of a spa and beauty salon; and the enlightenment opportunities of a local college, book club and library.

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