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Tapping into Happiness

Posted in INSPIRED THINKING on Jul 24, 2018

How do we find and maintain happiness through the many changes life brings?

It’s easy to find ourselves focusing on the next goal we set for ourselves as we go through life. Perhaps we set a goal to complete a specific level of education and begin a career, or maybe we set a goal to reach a specific level of leadership within a company. We often place so much emphasis on the outcome of our if, then goals that we tie our happiness to the success or failure of those goals. In doing this, we allow our happiness to hinge on results.

The difficulty in allowing outcomes to dictate our happiness is that anything we can get in life we can also lose or have taken from us. This sets us up to face unhappiness regularly as life continuously changes. we set ourselves up to be unhappy regularly. By instead focusing on the process and the journey itself, we can find happiness through constant changes.

In this TED Talk, Srikumar Rao challenges us to invest our happiness in the process of working towards our goals. Follow along as Rao explores tools we can all use to tap into our hard-wired happiness.

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