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Discover the Power of Reflection

Posted in INSPIRED THINKING on Jul 20, 2018

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by how busy your life is? Or do you just go through your day-to-day plans without really thinking about what you have accomplished? Sometimes setting aside time to compose yourself and simply think about what you have accomplished throughout your day can help you not feel as overwhelmed.

Writing down your daily to-do list isn’t always the right way to tackle your daily stress. By scheduling time in your day to think about what you have learned from your actions or what you have maybe learned from other people’s actions is a fundamental step in de-stressing from your day.

Reflection on your day is not only about reflection on what has happened it is also about discovering new things. Maybe while reflecting on your day, you realized how much you enjoyed watching that cooking tutorial on social media, so you decide to finally try it out. Or maybe you loved that feeling when you volunteered at a local elementary school, so you decide to become a regular volunteer.

In this inspiring TED Talk, Daniel Rubin, from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel speaks about how taking time to rest and reflect is an essential part of life that most people skip out on. Learn how reflection can change your perspective on life.

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