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Finding and Creating New Opportunities

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Life is full of opportunities, but how many opportunities are we missing out on? Potentially quite a few. When we allow ourselves to fall into a routine, we drastically limit the number of opportunities available to us. Breaking our routines and expanding our circles of interaction open the door for an increased number of opportunities.

As we reflect on our social networks, we often find that we are attracted to people that are similar to us. When we face changes, when we are in need of new ideas, we can benefit greatly from a larger more diverse social network.

How can we place ourselves in environments and situations to expand our social systems? Try and new coffee shop, visit a dog park, walk a new route through your building at school or at work. By switching up our routine we can place ourselves in situations that allow us to meet new people.

In this thoughtful TED Talk, organizational psychologist, Tanya Menon, offers insights and ideas on how the people we haven’t met yet could hold the key to your next great opportunity.

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