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Unique Onboard Programming Sets Fathom Apart

Posted in UPDATES on Feb 01, 2018

We strive to make our Fathom guests feel connected to one another by ensuring there are plenty of opportunities to meet, learn, and RELAX 1 When you sign up for the Fathom Experience Package, you're automatically invited to our onboard events, in addition to the impact excursions we'll schedule for your journey.

The onboard programming is designed so you can meet your fellow Fathom travelers, learn about the work we will do together, and celebrate the vacation, the impact, and ourselves. Activities are offered throughout the journey, but there is plenty of downtime as welt, so you can enjoy the variety of entertainment and amenities on our Princess ship!

Welcome Cocktail Reception - Our first night onboard we host a welcome reception to allow everyone a chance to meet one another. At this reception you'll get important details about the week ahead, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions, and you'll pick up your Fathom swag!

Cohort Groups - We divide everyone into smaller groups for two orientation and reflection meetings. These groups meet twice during the cruise. The first meeting is a 60-minute-session designed to help acquaint you with the destinations we'll visit, provide an idea of what to expect on shore, and give you time to ask questions. The second meeting, at the end of the trip, is another 60-minute session where we talk about the experience, get feedback from our travelers, and brainstorm ways we can stay connected and involved with the organizations we worked with on the ground.

Fathom Programning - We offer 4-5 thoughtfully tailored workshops to help enhance your journey. These 60-90 minute workshops are completely optional, and you can choose topics that you're most interested in learning about. The session topics vary by cruise and include special guests, storytelling, empathy discussions, mindfulness practice, and more! Here are some of our recent workshop agendas to give you an idea of what might be on your agenda:

  • Storytelling at Sea - This workshop provides travelers with tips for crafting great stories. Travelers also practice sharing a story with another traveler in this workshop.
  • Photography Workshop/Snapshot Storytelling - This workshop provides travelers with tips and tricks for capturing better photos on their smartphone cameras, and finding a balance between taking photos to remember the adventure white remaining present.
  • Balance and Mindfulness - In this workshop, travelers explore the different areas of their lives, evaluating which aspects of their lives feel most fulfilled and identifying areas they'd like to work on and give more time to. The workshop then offers easy to implement mindfulness practices to help in achieving and maintaining balance in our daily lives.
  • Behind the Scenes: Developing Fathom Shore Experiences - In this session, travelers can learn more about how Fathom shore experiences are created through the development and collaboration with local organizations in the destinations we visit.
  • Caribbean History - In this lecture travelers can learn more about the history of the destinations we visit.

Hosted dinners- Group dinners are hosted each at-sea day. These dinners offer a chance for you to relax, eat, and get to know your cohort group.

Open-Mic Storytelling Night - Whether you're a seasoned storyteller or a tittle shy around the mic, everyone has a story that has the potential to inspire others. We set the stage, you bring the stories. Our last night at sea is filled with with inspiration to take home. Open Mic Night is scheduled for the last afternoon/evening onboard. Travelers are given a space to share 5 minute stories on the theme INSPIRE. We then round out our time together with a photo slideshow.

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Princess Cruises Entertainment - In addition to the Fathom programming onboard, Princess offers a wide variety of entertainment! We truly want to make the Fathom experience feet like a new kind of cruise - both on the ship and in port. We can't wait for you to join us!

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