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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted in UPDATES on Feb 01, 2018

1. How do I book?

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Prices vary. Call 1.800.Princess or your travel agent for a price quote. The Fathom Experience Package will show up on your final folio as OBC.

2. How much does it cost? What’s included? For our 2018 journeys, The Fathom Travel Deep Experience costs $200 per person, in addition to your individual cruise fare. This includes your Fathom shore excursions, exclusive cocktail events, thoughtfully tailored onboard programs, hosted dinners, and Fathom swag. The Fathom Experience Package combines shipboard and onshore experiences in one bundle, making it easier for you to book and enjoy. Up to three Fathom impact shore experiences are included per traveler. Cruise vary. Call 1.800.Princess or your travel agent for a full price quote. The Fathom Experience Package will show up on your final folio as OBC.

3. What kinds of activities will we be doing onshore? To develop a truly authentic and relevant Fathom shore experience, the process to finalize our projects takes time. We partner with local communities and organizations to provide an impact option that will truly benefit the people and places that we visit. Because we put our communities first, and above all other things, sometimes we don't know the exact details of the shore experience until right before we sail. The timing for finalizing our activities is highly dependent on the different priorities of the local people and organizations we work alongside.

However... What we can promise is impact, connection, and a whole lot of fun! Join us and use your hands and heart to make your travel meaningful!

4. How physically strenuous are the activities ashore? The majority of our activities are a moderate activity level. In some destinations we are able to offer an alternate option at a high activity level. Of course nothing is required, and there is always going to be some way for your to lend a hand.

5. What kinds of activities will we be doing onboard? We strive to make our Fathom guests feel connected to one another. We host a number of onboard events so you can meet your fellow Fathom travelers, learn about the work we will do together, and celebrate the vacation, the impact, and ourselves.

  • Welcome cocktail reception - our first night onboard we host a welcome reception to allow everyone a chance to meet one another. At this reception you'll get important details, an opportunity to ask questions, and your Fathom swag!
  • Cohort groups - are designed to help acquaint you with the destinations we will visit, provide an idea of what to expect ashore, and provide a space to connect with your fellow Fathom travelers. Attendance is highly recommended.
  • Fathom programming- we offer thoughtfully tailored workshops to help enhance your journey. Topics vary by cruise and include special guests, storytelling, empathy discussions, mindfulness practice, and more!
  • Hosted dinners- group dinners are hosted each at-sea day. These dinners offer a chance for you to relax, eat, and get to know your cohort group.
  • Open Mic Storytelling Night - Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or a little shy around the mic, everyone has a story that has the potential to inspire others. We set the stage, you bring the stories. Our last night at sea is filled with with inspiration to take home.
  • Princess Cruises entertainment – In addition to the Fathom programming onboard, Princess offers a wide variety of entertainment!

6. Is this experience kid friendly? Do you offer youth programming? Absolutely! Families have found Fathom to be an excellent experience. There is no minimum age for children as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. While we do not currently offer Fathom youth programming onboard, Princess Cruises does offer youth programming onboard their ships.

7. What should I pack? For activities ashore with us we recommend closed-toe shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. We also recommend sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, a water bottle, and a rain jacket. Additionally, cruises typically have two formal nights onboard so don’t forget your favorite dress-up outfits if you plan to participate! The rest is up to you!

8. Can I bring donations? If we are able to deliver donations on your voyage you will be notified via email prior sailing. We will send a list of specific items needed by one of our partner organizations. Please refrain from bringing donations that are not noted in communications to you.

9. What exactly is a cohort group? Cohort groups are smaller groups within our Fathom group, think of it as your neighborhood within our Fathom community. Each cohort group is led by a Fathom impact guide. Cohort groups meet throughout the week to help give you information about the destinations we will visit and prepare you for your adventures. These groups meet onboard and do not determine your groupings on activities ashore.

10. How do the group dinners work? Group dinners will be offered on at-sea days. The maximum reservation number will be listed in your daily newsletter which gets delivered to your cabin each evening for the following day. Seats are first come first served. If our area fills up, you’re welcome to join other Fathom travelers at a separate table.

11. Have you seen a real impact within the communities? Yes! We carefully select partners and activities ashore in the destinations we visit. Fathom guides the creation of all activities around three pillars- social, environmental and economic. We work with organizations already in existence in the places we go, and come alongside them to work towards goals they have set in place for themselves, to ensure that we are contributing to impact that is sustainable for the communities we visit.

12. Where is Fathom cruising in 2018? Our efforts are currently based in the Caribbean and we will visit a total of ten different ports this year.

13. Does Fathom have dates for 2019? We are currently finalizing dates and destinations for 2019. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear our announcements!

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Please Note: For any and all ship specific questions including questions pertaining to the cost of the cruise fare for select dates, please visit Princess Cruises website directly at

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More questions for us? Email us at

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