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Maybe you’ve been on a cruise before. But we can almost guarantee, you’ve never been on one quite like this.

February 28, 2017

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What to Expect

As the Adonia sets sail from the Port of Miami, your adventure begins. During your first two days at sea, focused cruise ship activities will help orient you to the beauty of the country and its customs, and the warmth of its people. You’ll also be focused on building a community with your fellow travelers, as you prepare for your on-ground impact experience. The return voyage from Puerto Plata will offer ample time for reflection, separately and with like-minded others, on how you can continue your personal impact journey after returning to your own community.


Core Programming

During your time on board, core workshops will prepare you and your group for the nuances of your impact journey onshore, as well as helping you integrate the week’s experience into your life going forward.

More details about the activities

Getting to Know the Dominican Republic

Get ready and connected to where you’re heading; this high energy interactive workshop showcases all that is the Dominican Republic, from the culture to the history to the social norms and customs so you can navigate more like a local.

Being a Fathom Traveler

Fathom Travel is about transformative experiences through connecting to locality and place with an open heart and mind. Being a Fathom Traveler sets you up with valuable insights, tools and knowledge that will help you get the most out of your experience.

Fathom What’s Next

This final cohort session is an opportunity for us all to talk about our experience, ways to engage in next steps and identify resources and connecting with each other for further impact.

Meet Your Impact Guide

Impact Guides are the heart and soul of the Fathom experience. This is the first opportunity to meet yours. They’ll seek to understand what you want to accomplish/explore to help get you the right information, guidance and connections so you can both get the most out of the experience.

Muster & Fathom Intro

Muster provides vital information about what to do in the event of an emergency. The Captain will brief you on the critical safety elements and the Fathom Impact Guides will welcome you and get you ready to head up to the Fathom Launch party.


Social Innovation

These workshops will help you prepare for your on-ground experience by offering you tools for authentic interactions while getting to know your fellow travelers. It’s your journey. We’re just here to help you make the most of it.

More details about the activities

Wheel of Life

Brought to you by Ashoka, the Wheel of Life takes us through the process of discovering imbalance in our lives. It allows space to reflect on various aspects of our day to day—play, work, family/friends, health, etc. —and maximize our ability to control balance within each through small actions. Creating balance in your life is an act of changemaking. In order to see positive change in the world, the best place to start is positive change in ourselves.

Travelers of Fathom

Designed by Ashoka, Humans of NY is a huge inspiration for this session. This session leads participants through a discovery of how each person present is a Changemaker and gives us the opportunity to really get to know our fellow travelers through listening, storytelling and connecting. As changemakers, we need to discover how each one of us has looked at challenges in our lives from a place of possibility and how we have reached out and found solutions through empathy and creativity. This workshop will also help us more deeply engage in the on ground experience by sharing and practicing tools for authentic interactions, communication, and listening.

Scavenger Hunt

Not your average scavenger hunt. Yes, you’ll be running about the ship looking for clues, and exploring spaces in teams. You’ll also be discovering new things, learning what it takes to be a changemaker in the world and putting those skills into practice. A great opportunity for all ages.

Social Innovation in Action

This Ashoka Fellows workshop challenges us to understand and respond to some of the world’s most pressing problems using well-honed and successful techniques for social innovation. Through this experience we’ll empower you to come up with innovative ideas to solve these pressing problems and practice thinking like a social entrepreneur. You’ll learn about solutions generated by Ashoka Fellows and what drove them to implement their idea. You’ll leave with a sense of agency and tools to create change in your community.

Raising the Next Generation of Changemakers

For children and young people to thrive in a world defined by rapid change, they need to master the four essential skills of empathy, teamwork, leadership & changemaking. This workshop for parents or relatives (or anyone who works with children, from teachers to coaches to mentors) provides insights, skills and easy to use tactics on how to enable children and young people to master being changemakers. You’ll spend time not only learning about best practices from Ashoka’s Parenting Changemaker’s work, but also coming up with original ideas as a group that can be used in helping the youth in your life master the skills related to being a changemaker.



These interactive, informal, and free-spirited occasions are designed for self-expression and fun, and will help travelers fine tune their stories and share them with the world in a way that can touch, move, inspire and teach.

More details about the activities

Story of You

We all have stories and we all have the potential to be storytellers. Who you are is composed of the stories of your life thus far. This workshop is about unveiling and capturing the power of that story of a moment of transformation. Together we’ll uncover the components that make a great story and practice the tools that make the telling of that story clear, impactful and meaningful.

Story of Impact

Our Fathom experience is about impact and this workshop is about capturing yours. Through interactive exercises and a proven method of story creation, people will leave with a sense of confidence in sharing their story as well as the tools to make any story more powerful and poignant.

Story Circle

A chance to flex your personal storytelling skills amidst a group of peer and facilitators. This is a practice and coaching session for taking The Story of You and through facilitated small group feedback, make your story and presentation more powerful, poignant and meaningful. Created by Stanford Storytelling Lab.

Fathom Storyfest

Bring our stories to life. We’ve spent the week uncovering, building and sharing stories. This is a chance to share our stories with each other through video, live on stage and other mean. The Fathom community comes together to create this moment of sharing and celebration.



These classes are designed to infuse your adventure with additional wonder and will allow you to discover hidden passions and talents that can help you get more done in less time, infuse that time with meaning and purpose, and turn even your smallest ideas into a big result.

More details about the activities

Curiosity Advantage

Curiosity drives discovery and opportunity. Why is curiosity so important and how can we use it to overcome our fears and challenges? This workshop equips travelers with the means to build their curiosity muscles and the tools to learn by doing with a Curiosity Quest for the Dominican Republic & Cuba. Created by Curiosity Atlas.

Design Your Life

Design thinking is about using insights to create new opportunities through the tools of design like brainstorming, prototyping and storytelling. Through this workshop we’ll use design thinking to discover passions and work through a proven process for turning even the smallest idea into a big opportunity. From there we’ll prototype our ideas and bring them to life. Created by Curiosity Atlas.

Lifehack Bootcamp

Who doesn’t want more time? This workshop helps you to create more time through proven productivity methods. You’ll learn hacks (tools, tactics and tricks) for being more effective with your time to be more impactful, whether that be with children, your community or the world!

Empowering English Tutoring Prerequisite

This workshop will prepare you for all of Fathom’s education programming in the Dominican Republic. You’ll feel empowered in your ability to create lasting change in a child’s life through immersion learning and learn the tips and tricks to use while tutoring English.

Spanish Phrases

¿Que lo que? This is rapidfire introduction to popular and useful Spanish phrases is an opportunity to practice pronunciation and learn how to hold a basic conversation. You will be able to introduce yourself, ask simple questions and better connect with locals in the Dominican Republic.

Spanish Conversation & Practice

A casual meetup between Impact Guides and fellow travelers to practice your Spanish speaking skills.

Visual Storytelling

A course on photography will cover technical skills like how to change certain settings on your phone and camera to capture better images. This is a hands on session on how to turn your photos into a visual story and share it with the world through social media. Bring your camera or phone to this workshop and be ready to roll up your sleeves.

Fathom Book Club

The Fathom Book Club is a place for travelers to delve into deep discussions of social entrepreneurship, grit, curiosity and the ability to triumph over adversity. Currently we’re reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, William Kamkwanda’s personal narrative about saving his village from a terrible drought. We’ll explore the themes of resilience and exploration life and how it relates to your story of impact.

Dance Classes (Salsa, Rumba, Son)

Grab your dancing shoes and learn the steps to the dances of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It’s everything you need to fit right into the local scene. (Suitable footwear should be worn.)


Health & Wellness

There’s no shortage of opportunities to relax and take a little “me” time, but Fathom Health & Wellness programs can help clear your mind, recharge your spirit, and ensure that your Fathom cruise is the most memorable and fulfilling experience of your life.

More details about the activities

Guided Relaxation

How about a moment to rest, relax and recharge? Guided Relaxation is for after our long days on the ground- a chance to chill out, rest and find a moment to clear your mind of all the stimulation of the day and let the world wash away. Guided Relaxation takes place while lying comfortably on a yoga mat and being guided through relaxation techniques and visualizations that will help recharge your body and mind.

Breaking Dawn Party

Boom! Breaking Dawn is the positivity and sweat fueled dance party that cranks up good feelings and endorphins to propel your day.



From the on-deck launch party Sunday night to Saturday’s finale event with your new best friends, the week is filled with entertainment of all kinds. We’ve made sure there’s a little bit of something for everyone to ensure your on-board experience is just as epic as your time on shore.

More details about the activities

Fathom Launch Party

The Fathom Launch is our kick-off party—we’ll set our trajectory for the week with music, activities, and fun. You’ll tap into your own curiosity, conquer team challenges, connect to people you don’t know, dive into some cocktails and snacks and learn what the last group of Fathom travelers has to share with you from the prior week.

Superpower Party

What are your superpowers? The Superpower Party is about unleashing our inner greatness through fun. Declare your superpower- make a mask, take a super hero photo with an epic backdrop, go full-out in owning what makes you awesome and unique. Find your partners-in-crime, build your on-ship tribe and get everyone fired up with your superhero theme song!

Mojito & Flan Movie Night

Showing classic movies on the big screen around the pool (Lido Deck or in port) while enjoying mojitos and flan.

Domino Throwdown

Throughout the DR and Cuba people play dominoes- it’s a fast and fun way to connect with people in both countries. Learn the rules and then take it to your fellow Fathom travelers before hitting the ground and playing locals.

Wine & Paint

Everyone can paint. Seriously. Our Impact Guides will lead you through the execution of a Dominican inspired painting step-by-step and, using your own sensibility and creativity (and wine), your painting be a cool expression of your trip.

Giant Outdoor Game Night

Let’s make game night big. We’ll have fun with GIANT versions of popular games like Connect 4 and Chess and try our hand at super huge Dominos. In addition to all the huge board games, Impact Guides will also lead travelers in interactive group activities and challenges.

Classic Board Game Night

A night of community, competition and group engagement through classic board games like Sorry, Clue, Uno, Monopoly and even Chutes & Ladders! A time to challenge your friends or a stranger. Travelers should come early to claim the good games before they are snatched away! Other onboard programs are offered in the Fathom Experience. Please check your Program Schedule and Daily Dossier for additional details.

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