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Your budget matters.

Your Cuba vacation with Fathom includes almost everything. Round-trip transportation between Miami and Cuba, all meals, lodging, transportation and fees for scheduled on-ground activities, special events and programming on board, and required Cuban medical insurance are covered by your cruise fare. Traveling by ship, unlike traveling by land, also means no per-pound baggage charges and no required pre-night hotel stays.

Simplicity matters.

Get off the plane, get on the ship, and settle in for the week. That’s it. No packing, unpacking, then turning right around and packing again. No checking in and out of hotels. No long lines at charter airport counters, repeated security checks, or waiting for your bags to arrive at the other end. On a Fathom cruise, your Cuban journey begins long before you step onboard. And so does the opportunity to enjoy every minute of it.

Your comfort matters.

Your home for the week is a comfortable cabin on board the MV Adonia. While land-based travelers are coping with issues like room availability and air conditioning, you’re relaxing by the pool, enjoying a leisurely dinner, or taking advantage of Cuban cultural immersion activities on board. While they’re climbing onto yet another bus, suitcases in tow, your ship is making its way to the next port, where you’ll arrive fresh and ready to make the most of your time onshore.

Expertise matters.

Fathom is the 10th and newest brand in the Carnival Corporation & plc family, which carries nearly 11 million passengers every year to ports around the world. When we started planning our Cuban itinerary, we sought out experts, both in Cuba and in the U.S., who could bring years of experience in Cuban travel to the table. They know Cuba, inside and out. Which means that, by the end of your journey, so will you.

This isn’t just an unforgettable journey.

It’s also an unbeatable value.

Be the first.

Last – but also first – you’re on a trip of a lifetime; a trip you’ve dreamed about for a long time. This is a historic moment, an opportunity to help build new bridges and create new cultural understanding, as you meet the people of Cuba one on one and immerse yourself in their arts, history, culture, and everyday lives.

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*Price per person based on double occupancy, inside cabin. Excluding taxes, fees, and port expenses. Prices vary by season.

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