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Visit Cuba For A Journey Filled With Possibilities

When you visit Cuba with Fathom and your ship docks in Havana on Monday, your journey begins in earnest. During your time onshore, you’ll visit historic sites both ancient and modern. You’ll see those famous American cars, taste that famous Cuban rum, and dance, if you’re so inclined, to the legendary rhythms of the island. But the true value of this journey is the opportunity to get to know the Cuban people one on one as you connect, not just to their heritage and culture, but to their everyday lives and personal stories.





Santiago de Cuba


Cuba, up close

Two Days in


1 Your onshore adventure begins, appropriately enough, with the flavors of Old Havana. And the flavors, you’ll find, come in every variety. After an authentic Cuban lunch, you’ll dive deep into the city’s 16th-century heritage with a walking tour of Old Havana.

But this is a people-to-people day, too: some travelers may enjoy the opportunity to savor in a coffee in Plaza Vieja where a few questions may lead to a local Cafe owner explaining the role of tourism in Old Havana or showing you how coffee beans are roasted. Visit San Francisco de Assisi Square to discuss the role of religion on the island with patrons of the square’s beautiful cathedral. Stumble upon the famous booksellers’ market in Plaza de Armas to explore literature and antiques with the local merchants and then have your fortune read by one of the many Santeros who have set up shop in Cathedral Square. Afterwards, visit with local artists at Taller Grafico Experimental, where you will learn about one of the world’s oldest printmaking techniques, known as “grabado.”

After a day exploring and navigating the city, enjoy the option of a relaxing evening on the ship or experience the heat of a Havana night at one of the cities tropical Cabarets.


2 After waking up to a beautiful Caribbean sunrise in the port of Havana, you begin your second day in Cuba with an incredible agenda of activities designed to highlight the city’s premier attractions. After lunch head out on a panoramic tour of the city will take you up the famous Paseo del Prado and past Parque Central, where passionate baseball fans can be overheard debating greats, and the Gran Teatro de La Habana, home of the Cuban National Ballet, newly re-opened after a 2-year renovation. Enjoy views of the El Capitolio, currently under extensive renovations, and the scenic sights of the famed Reina Street where Art Nouveau buildings, colonial houses and Art Deco homes line the corridor.

Stand in the Plaza de la Revolucion under the watchful eyes of colossal iron sculptures of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos and talk to passionate Cubans about their national hero, Jose Marti, below the monument memorializing his commitment to the people of the island. A short drive from Plaza de la Revolucion, a local guide will share the stories and secrets of the 140-acre Cementerio de Cristobal Colon, whose central avenues, sculptural monuments and elaborate baroque-style mausoleums make this massive cemetery almost a city of its own.

Peruse the halls of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, where you can feel the pride of the Cuban people emanating from the beautiful artwork adorning the walls. Spanning five centuries, the art housed at Bellas Artes is some of the country’s finest and is a testimony to the vital role art plays in Cuban culture. Enjoy a break from the sun inside the museum discussing this comprehensive collection with local art enthusiasts.

The last few decades have seen the birth of a number of transformative community projects in Havana. During this part of the day you will visit local residents committed to neighborhood improvement projects and experience firsthand how vision and passion can change a community. Visit the home of famed Cuban artist Jose Fuster, who has turned his entire neighborhood into a mosaic maze inspired by the styles of Picasso and Gaudi, or the community art project of Muraleando, taking a community workshop on one of Cuba’s many traditional art forms.

Other groups of travelers will have the opportunity to visit the Arte Corte project where a former state barber has transformed his neighborhood into a cultural center dedicated to improving the lives of local residents, or Callejon de Hamel (“Hamel’s Alley”), which is a small backstreet that houses a comprehensive and eclectic collection of traditional and folkloric art.

Once back on the ship in the evening, join some of your new friends for drinks and dinner inspired and created by Caribbean chefs specifically for the Adonia or relax and take advantage of one of the many amenities found on the ship.


Tropicana via Motorcoach

Enjoy an evening under the beautiful Cuban sky with a performance unlike any other at the Tropicana Cabaret. Experience the music, colors, and beauty of Cuban and Caribbean folklore as told by some of the best entertainers in the world.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Price: $169 Per Person

Cabaret Parisien via Motorcoach

Hosted at the famed Nacional Hotel, the Parisien Cabaret showcases the soul of Cuba. Inspired by Indo American, Hispanic, and African Cultures, the Parisien tells the story of Cuba in traditional cabaret fashion.

Download Detailed Tour Description (2nd listing on page)

Price: $89 Per Person

Cuban Jazz Dinner Party via Motorcoach

La Bonita, a stately villa in Havana’s upscale Miramar district promises fresh food and soulful jazz that’s stylish and distinctly Cuban. Settle in to a home-cooked meal prepared from the finest ingredients, marvel at the decor, and get seduced by the rhythms of Cuba’s finest musicians. Dinner Menu.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Price: $149 Per Person

Space is limited on optional activities in Cuba, please visit Journey Planner no less than one week prior to your sailing.


Exploring Beyond Havana: Las Terrazas

Enjoy the lush Cuban countryside with a journey to the UNESCO biosphere, Las Terrazas. Developed as part of Cuba’s Green Revolution in the 1960s, this opportunity to explore Cuba’s countryside community of 1,000 residents includes time to interact with the doctors who rely on the flora and fauna of Las Terrazas to provide alternative medicines, visit the vibrant art community with open workshops, spend time with the community’s children or seniors, and witness the results of a large scale reforestation project. Explore the ruins of a former French coffee plantation before enjoying what many consider to be the best coffee in the world grown locally inside the biosphere. And enjoy lunch at one of the community’s delicious restaurants. Las Terrazas is a wonderful opportunity to discover life in the Cuban countryside.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Days Offered: Before 4/30 Friday, after 4/30 Tuesday

Price: $69.00

Las Terrazas, Cuba

In Hemingway’s Footsteps

See Havana through the eyes of famed author Ernest Hemingway. Traveling by bus, visit the place he once called home, his favorite fishing spot and inspiration for “The Old Man and The Sea”, the room in which he wrote “For Whom the Bell Tolls” as well as some of his favorite food and beverage locations. Hemingway fans are sure to enjoy this experience, which includes lunch and cocktails.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Days Offered: Before 4/30 Friday, After 4/30 Monday

Price: $59.00

Ernest Hemingway's House, Cuba

Judaism in Havana

Small in number but large in strength of character, the Jewish community in Cuba provides a glimpse into the resilience of its 1500 members. Nearly all of Cuba’s Jewish population lives in Havana, forming a tightknit community whose identity has been shaped by a blending of Jewish traditions and Cuban necessities. Join Fathom in exploring two of Havana’s synagogues and the Cuban Holocaust Exhibit, in a half-day immersion activity promoting alongsidedness and awareness of Cuba’s Jewish community.

Travelers wishing to participate in this immersion activity should be aware that a $10 Tzedakah (donation) from each traveler is expected at the Patronato and the Sephardic Center. As this is only a minimum suggested donation, travelers will be responsible for fulfilling this obligation themselves.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Days Offered: Before 4/30 Friday, After 4/30 Monday Price: $59.00


Dancing Through Havana

One of the country’s most cherished cultural exports, music and dance are intricately linked to Cuban identity. Step lightly and discover a fascinating side of Havana. Experience an intimate look behind the scenes into how Cuba trains its world-renown dancers with “Dancing Through Havana,” an all-day excursion through the Cuban capital that includes visits to two dance studios, lunch and a special salsa lesson.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Days Offered: Before 4/30 Friday, After 4/30 Tuesday

Price: $69.00


Magic of Santiago featuring El Cobre

Experience the Magic of Santiago, the birthplace of “Ron, Son and Revolucion”. Explore downtown, with a visit to the final resting place of famed Cuban Hero Jose Marti as well as San Juan Hill and the Antonio Maceo Revolution Square. You’ll also venture into the countryside city of El Cobre, a historic copper mining town with African influence and home to the famous Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre where you’ll learn about the role religion plays in the daily lives of local communities. Discover the history of this shrine and the impact made from the Pope’s most recent visit. You’ll also get to attend a mass (when available) and listen to the sounds of the city’s famed steel drum band, El Cobre.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Days Offered: Before 4/30 Tuesday, After 4/30 Friday

Price: $69.00

El Cobre, Santiago de Cuba

Santiago: Birthplace of Revolution

Spend the day in Santiago exploring the city’s rich and storied past, embracing the spirits of Cuba’s heroes of independence. Your day will include visits to Santiago’s Revolution Plaza and San Juan Hill to learn more about the Spanish-Cuban-American War and see the site of the infamous Rough Riders charge. Afterwards, travelers will visit Moncada Barracks and museum, Parque Cespedes, and Santa Ifigenia cemetery, exploring sites specific to Fidel Castro’s July 26th Movement and his final resting spot. This full day tour including lunch provides incredible insight into the Cuban war for independence and the Cuban revolution.

Download Detailed Tour Description

Days Offered: Before 4/30 Tuesday, After 4/30 Friday

Price: $69.00


Half or Full-Day Private Tour in Havana, Cienfuegos or Santiago de Cuba

Fathom encourages exploration and cultural immersion on the deepest level, respecting the individual needs of all of our travelers. For travelers seeking a more intimate experience on the ground, Fathom’s private full or half-day tours provide the opportunity to explore Havana, Cienfuegos or Santiago with your own personal van/sedan, driver and guide. Visit the destinations of your choosing to fulfill your People-to-People requirements with a local guide offering narrative to the adventure you have created.

Your day will follow an itinerary that you have created. Private tours in Hanava and Santiago include lunch in one of the cities many famous restaurants and plenty of opportunities to learn more about Cuba’s beautiful culture and country.

Havana Full-Day Tour with Lunch: $209.00
Havana Half-Day Tour with Lunch: $179.00
Santiago de Cuba Full-Day Tour with Lunch: $209.00
Cienfuegos Half-Day Tour: $99.00

Space is limited on optional activities in Cuba, please visit Journey Planner no less than one week prior to your sailing.


A Day in


During a walking tour of Cienfuegos, it won’t take you long to see why the city’s historic center, with its remarkable collection of French-influenced Neoclassical buildings, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. And it won’t take you long to realize why the Cubans call this small but shining port city, with its wide seaside boulevards and sparkling bay, La Perla del Sur: The Pearl of the South. On your morning walk, you’ll visit a pharmacy, a market, and a local ration store, meeting local residents and learning about Cuba’s country-wide ration and dual currency systems.

Your morning exploring Cienfuegos also includes a trip to Teatro Tomas Terry, where a special performance has been planned for Fathom’s travelers. Finished in 1889 to honor Venezuelan industrialist Tomas Terry, the 950-seat auditorium takes its influence from French and Italian architects and is embellished with Carrera marble, hand-carved Cuban hardwoods, and whimsical ceiling frescoes.

Your morning in Cienfuegos will feature a private performance by the world renowned Cantores de Cienfuegos, with an opportunity afterwards to hear directly from the musicians about their lives, their training and their roles as music professors at area schools.

A Day in

Santiago De Cuba

Your final port is Santiago de Cuba, capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba from 1522 until 1589 and still the island’s most important city after Havana. Considered the birthplace of “ron, son, and revolucion”, the watchtowers and cannons used in the Spanish-American war still protect and guard this port city. Your full day in Santiago de Cuba includes lunch in a local Paladar where the chef and staff will answer questions about the rich and colorful history of their city and their cuisine.

After lunch, your tour of Santiago de Cuba continues with panoramic drives that provide views of the city’s most famous attractions like San Juan Hill, Antonio Maceo Revolution Square, and the Plaza de Marte. Dive deep into the city’s colonial past as you tour the UNESCO World Heritage site of Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, a coastal fortress constructed in 1637 to protect Santiago de Cuba. Inside the fort, explore the country’s most complete and best-preserved examples of Spanish-American military architecture and artifacts alongside local history enthusiasts.

A short distance away from Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca lies the Santiago city center, with opportunities to see and discuss the Casa de la Trova, Parque Cespedes, or the Catedral de la Cuidad with local residents, and steps away is the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, where Cuban National Hero Jose Marti was laid to rest and where you can also witness the changing of the guard that protects his tomb.

Before returning to the ship, you’ll spend a portion of the day visiting a community arts centers dedicated to preserving the identity of Santiago’s people. Some travelers will the learn about the importance of dance in Santiago at the Cutumba and Macumba, while some will be inspired by the voices of the Coro Madrigalista. Other travelers will visit one of the famous music clubs of Santiago where they will be welcomed in to learn more about the sounds unique to the eastern side of the island.


A Sample Day in Havana

7–8 AM

Gather and depart from the Adonia.

8–10 AM

Take the scenic route
Acclimate yourself to the sights and sounds of Central Havana via the comfort of an air-conditioned motorcoach, passing some of the most recognizable locations in the city. Drive up the Paseo del Prado, past Parque Central and the recently renovated Gran Teatro de La Habana, before cruising past El Capitolio and down the world famous Reina Street.

10-12 AM

A monumental morning
Stand tall in the Plaza de la Revolucion under the towering presence of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, whose likenesses have been memorialized with colossal iron sculptures, discussing Cuba’s future with passionate local residents. Steps from the plaza, a local guide will join you to share the highlights, stories and mysteries of Latin America’s most important cemetery, the massive baroque-style Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón.

11 AM – 3 PM

A taste of Cuban arts & Cuisine
Enjoy an authentic home cooked Cuban lunch at one of Cuba’s many family-owned in-home restaurants known as Paladares. Meet the family cooking your meal, and learn about the challenges and joys of being self-employed in Cuba. After a mid-day lunch of Cuban Cuisine, take a stroll through the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, marveling at the incredible works of art showcasing the best in Cuban pride and culture over the past 500 years.

3–5 PM

Gain a sense of community
Spend the afternoon wandering the magical twists and turns of Callejón de Hamel, an alley in the barrio dedicated to preserving the arts, culture and folklore of Cuba’s residents who claim African heritage. Enjoy a guided tour through the alley with a local host, focusing on the art dedicated to the religion of Santeria. Discover the history behind this Caribbean religion and the Orishas they worship by meeting real Santeros and Santeras, before witnessing a mesmerizing performance by some of Cuba’s best rumba dancers. Shortly afterwards, follow in the footsteps of one of Cuba’s most famous expatriate artists, with an excursion to the nearby fishing village of Cojimar, one of Hemingway’s favorite retreats and the setting for The Old Man and the Sea.

5 PM

A little retail therapy
Visit Almacenes San José Artisans’ Market, Havana’s largest craft market, and explore the eclectic collection of artisanal items produced by local craftsmen. Chat with local vendors and learn how they became masters of their crafts.

6.30 PM

An evening to unwind
As your ship gets under way again, join some new-found friends for drinks and dinner. Then the evening is yours. Relax in the glass house with a nice glass of wine enjoying panoramic views from the port side of the ship. Take in a Cuban-themed movie, or head for the Curzon Lounge and dance the night away to sounds of authentic Cuban music performed by artists right off the island.

A Sample Day in Cienfuegos

8–9 AM

Gather and depart from the Adonia.
Grab a leisurely breakfast on board and then meet up with other travelers interested in exploring the southern port city of Cienfuegos.

9:30–10:30 AM

Walking tour of Cienfuegos
It’s time to explore this bustling little town to get a feel for what life is like in a more rural area of Cuba. Walking the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site, find time to visit a local rations store, where shopkeepers will explain the purpose the dual currency system, before heading to the market to get a see the currency system in action. also in place. Then visit a local market that deals in both currencies so you can get a better understanding of how it all works. End your morning walk with a coffee in the town square where you’ll get a chance to chat with some of the locals about life in this quaint town.

10:30–11:45 AM

Teatro Tomas Terry & Cantores de Cienfuegos
Visit the Teatro Tomas Terry for a special performance designed specifically for Fathom travelers. Built in the styles of French and Italian architects, Terry Theatre is the aesthetically pleasing home to the Cantores de Cienfuegos who will be performing their award winning choral renditions for passengers from the Adonia. After the performance, sit down with the musicians to hear stories about their lives, training, and roles as music professors at local area schools.

11:45 AM

Sail towards Santiago de Cuba
Enjoy a day of frita burgers and sunshine on the Lido deck as you sail around the southwest side of Cuba towards Santiago de Cuba.

A Sample Day in Santiago de Cuba

8–9 AM

Spend a leisurely morning on board.
Spend the morning sleeping in or enjoy the sunrise over the city of Santiago from the Lido deck of the Adonia before meeting with your fellow travelers to explore this city full of rich Spanish and Cuban history.

9-10 AM

Gather and depart from the Adonia

10-12 AM

City Tour & Lunch
Travel to Santiago on an air-conditioned bus, visit sights such as San Juan Hill, where you can view the watchtower that served as protection for the city that once served as the capital of Cuba. Get an up-close view of the cannons used during a vital battle of the Spanish-American War, and view the memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives. Inside Antonio Macco Revolution Square view the country’s tallest heroic statute, and in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery join Cubans in paying your respects to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti, who has been laid to rest within the cemetery’s walls. Lunch in Santiago will be served in a Paladar where your host and chef will answer questions about their city’s unique tastes and cuisines.

1:30-4 PM

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage site & Cuba’s most sacred pilgrimage site
Prepare yourself for the breathtaking views along the walls of San Pedro de la Roca Castle, and roam the halls that once echoed with footsteps of Spanish soldiers. Inside the fort, explore the vast collection of artifacts housed there and engage in conversations with Santiago’s history enthusiasts exploring the castle. Steps away from the fort, visit local community projects designed to enrich the lives of citizens of Santiago through mediums such as art, food, and culture before heading back to the ship to enjoy a sunset over the western Caribbean ocean.

4 PM

Spend the evening on the Adonia with your new friends unwinding and enjoying the many food and beverage options onboard as you reflect on your Cuban travel experience.

A Sample Day at Sea

Start your morning, your way
Yoga. Morning meditation. A workout in the gym. An early cup of coffee by the pool. Or a little extra time to sleep in, if that’s what suits your mood. Then take your choice of a full breakfast or a lighter option that includes fresh fruit, granola, and healthy juices.

9–11 am

A little learning
Join your fellow Fathom travelers for an interactive session in basic Spanish, or attend one of the week’s core workshops designed to give you a deeper insight into the history and cultural norms of Cuba and help you step more comfortably into a different culture.

12–1 pm

Lunch on the Conservatory’s outdoor deck
Recharge and prepare for the rest of your day, with a balanced menu that focuses on nourishing and sustainable foods.

1–2 pm

Take a little “me” time
Unwind with a massage at the spa, or take your pick of a whole menu of spa and salon services to keep you feeling, and looking, your best. (Fees will vary by service.)

2–4 pm

Relax, your way
Grab a mojito and learn how to play dominoes. Join friends in the card room. Escape to the library with a good book. This afternoon is all yours. So feel free to make it exactly what you want it to be.

4–6 pm

Feel the rhythm
Discover your inner Latin dancer and feel the rhythms of Cuba during Latin dance lessons and Live Authentic Cuban Concerts with musicians right from the island.

7–8:30 pm

Not just a taste of Cuba: a taste of whatever you want, from a varied menu with a diverse offering of cuisine, including local and regional specialties.

8:30–10:30 pm

A taste of Cuba, right on board
Learn how to mix some of Cuba’s most popular cocktails like the Mojito and Daiquiri during an interactive workshop.

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