Visiting Cuba

What You Can Expect On Board The Adonia

February 28, 2017

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February 16, 2017

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Visiting Cuba

As Cuba welcomes U.S. travelers by sea for the first time in more than half a century, you’ll feel the excitement in the air from the moment you step on board your ship in Miami. Cuban movies, Cuban music, Cuban cuisine – they’ll all be part of your time at sea, as you learn more about the remarkable people you’re about to meet. During the journey to Havana, focused activities on board will help orient you to the beauty and customs of Cuba, along with the warmth of its people. You’ll also be focused on building a community with your fellow travelers, as you prepare for your on-ground adventure.

The 704-passenger Adonia, refurbished in March 2016, will serve as a comfortable home base throughout your trip. With restaurants, lounges, bars, pools, a spa, a state-of-the-art gym, and all the other amenities of a 21st-century passenger ship, you’ll never lack for opportunities to relax. Thoughtfully prepared Cuban-inspired meals will nourish your body. And, of course, there’s the infinite mystery of the wide open sea around you. So your spirit gets some much-needed nourishment, too.


Get to Know Cuba

During your time on board, core workshops will prepare you and your group for the nuances of your cultural exchange journey onshore.

More details about the activities

Getting to Know Cuba

Get ready and connected to where you’re heading; this high energy interactive workshop showcases all that is Cuba, from the culture to the history to the social norms and customs so you can navigate more like a local and make the most of your time in all three ports.

 Spanish Phrases

¿Que lo que? This is rapidfire introduction to popular and useful Spanish phrases is an opportunity to practice pronunciation and learn how to hold a basic conversation. You will be able to introduce yourself, ask simple questions and better connect with locals in Cuba.

Spanish Conversation & Practice

A casual meetup between Experience Guides and fellow travelers to practice your Spanish speaking skills.

Pre-1950’s Cuban History

Cuba’s pre-revolutionary history tells the tale of Spanish colonialism, Caribbean resources, pirates, and the pride of the people. During this program, guests get a closer look into the historical development of Cuba’s culture and see why many fall in love with the spirit of the Cuban people.

The Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos remarkable beauty is deeply intertwined with the cities French roots. Hear a little of the history of Cuba’s third largest port and prepare yourself for Parque Marti, the Cantores de Cienfuegos, and the sites and sounds of downtown Cienfuegos.

Introduction to Santiago

Once the Spanish capital of Cuba and the birthplace of Castro’s 26th of July Movement, Santiago de Cuba is rich in centuries of history. This introduction will provide insight into the culture and people of Santiago, so travelers can begin to understand why the land of “Ron, Son, and Revolucion” has birthed so many unique genres of music and revolutionary ideologies.

Meet Your Experience Guide

Experience Guides are the heart and soul of Fathom. This is the first opportunity to meet yours. They’ll seek to understand what you want to accomplish/explore to help get you the right information, guidance and connections so you can both get the most out of the experience.

Muster & Fathom Intro

Muster provides vital information about what to do in the event of an emergency. The Captain will brief you on the critical safety elements and the Fathom™ Experience Guides will welcome you and get you ready to head up to the Fathom Launch party.


A Taste of Cuba

You aren’t just bringing your eyes, your ears, and your expectations on this journey; you’re bringing your taste buds, too. And they’re going to enjoy this cruise every bit as much as you are. On board the Adonia, even before you dock in Havana, Cuban-inspired menus and cocktails will whet your appetite for the new taste adventures waiting for you onshore.

More details about the activities

Cocktail Class

The Ocean Grill is the setting for this intimate but lively cocktail class. Learn how to make classic Carribbean cocktails, including the Mojito and classic Hemingway Daiquiri.

Moijito, Flan and Movie Night

Join your fellow travelers for classic movies on the big screen around the pool (Lido Deck or in port) while enjoying mojitos and flan.

Ocean Grill – Cuban & Caribbean inspired food

This dinner favorite brings you the best of land and sea – with dishes ranging from fresh ceviche and grilled lobster tail to local favorites including Cuban Bistec. Don’t forget to save room for the Caribbean-inspired dessert menu.


Music and Dance

Music and dance are so much a part of the culture, it’s hard to imagine Cuba without them. So we’ll be bringing that authentically Cuban experience on board, too. Local bands will join us as we cruise from port to port. And Cuban dance classes will teach you to move with the rhythms of the island, even if you still think of salsa as a sauce.

More details about the activities

Havana-Cienfuegos Band

Walking down the streets of Havana, the influence of Music and Art on Cuban culture can be seen and heard on nearly every block. Joining the Adonia from Havana to Cienfuegos, a rotating Cuban band will add their signature sound to the Fathom experience. Experience live, authentic Cuban music playing classic and contemporary Cuban hits, as well as original compositions for your listening pleasure.

Cienfuegos-Santiago Band

Similar to Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago have developed an identity through their music that is both grounded in their cities and true to Cuban tradition.  Rotating bands from both Cienfuegos and Santiago will join the Adonia for the beautiful sailing from Cienfuegos to Santiago, adding their sound to the ships onboard entertainment options. Ranging in style from traditional Cuban to jazz, these bands invoke the memory of great Cuban musicians like Benny Moré.

Cuban Dance Classes

Grab your dancing shoes and learn the steps to the traditional dance styles of Cuba, including the Salsa, Rumba, and Son. It’s everything you need to fit right into the local scene. (Suitable footwear should be worn.)



From the on-deck launch party Sunday night to Saturday’s finale event with your new best friends, the week is filled with entertainment of all kinds. We’ve made sure there’s a little bit of something for everyone to ensure your on-board experience is just as epic as your time on shore.

More details about the activities

Fathom Launch Party

The Fathom Launch is our kick-off party—we’ll set our trajectory for the week with music, activities, and fun. You’ll tap into your own curiosity, conquer team challenges, connect to people you don’t know, dive into some cocktails and snacks and learn what the last group of Fathom travelers has to share with you from the prior week.

Craze Band

Join one of the UK’s most versatile and exciting bands. They draw on their extensive international experience to deliver a wide range of musical styles, including Latin, Reggae, Country and Pop to name just a few.

Wine & Paint

Everyone can paint. Seriously. Our Experience Guides will lead you through the execution of a Cuban-inspired painting step-by-step and, using your own sensibility and creativity (and wine), your painting be a cool expression of your trip.


Fun & Games

On board, you’ll have ample opportunities to relax and enjoy a little “me” time – by the pool, at the spa, or tucked into a quiet corner with a good book. But you’ll also have the opportunity for a little play time. A scavenger hunt. Dominoes. A giant game of chess. And a chance to recharge your batteries, so that you can make the most of every minute of this amazing journey.

More details about the activities

Book Club

The Fathom Book Club is a place for travelers to delve into deep discussions of social entrepreneurship, grit, curiosity and the ability to triumph over adversity. Currently we’re reading Dreaming in Cuban, by Christina Garcia. Structured around the Cuban revolution, the book follows the fortunes of three generations of the Del Pino family.

Domino Throwdown

Throughout the DR and Cuba people play dominoes- it’s a fast and fun way to connect with people in both countries. Learn the rules and then take it to your fellow Fathom travelers before hitting the ground and playing locals.

Giant Outdoor Games

Let’s make game night big. We’ll have fun with GIANT versions of popular games like Connect 4 and Chess and try our hand at super huge Dominos. In addition to all the huge board games, Experience Guides will also lead travelers in interactive group activities and challenges.

Scavenger Hunt

Not your average scavenger hunt. Yes, you’ll be running about the ship looking for clues, and exploring spaces in teams. You’ll also be discovering new things, learning what it takes to be a changemaker in the world and putting those skills into practice. A great opportunity for all ages.

Cuban Coffee Games

Once the most dominant export in Cuba and grossing over $20 million annually, the role of coffee is deeply engrained in Cuban culture. Discover how coffee made its way to the island and why coffee from the Sierra Maestra is considered to be the finest in the world. Enjoy a coffee brewed in traditional Cuban fashion while participating in short games designed to stimulate conversation about Cuba and its people.


Reflections on Cuba

Let’s delve a little deeper: How do you make every moment of your Cuban adventure count? How do you use this experience as a chance to explore your own passions and talents and to make your time on shore more meaningful? And how do you share the story of this journey more completely once you get home? In your search for answers, these onboard workshops will provide the perfect starting point.

More details about the activities

Fathom What’s Next

This final cohort session is an opportunity for us all to talk about our experience, ways to engage in next steps and identify resources and connecting with each other for further impact.

Curiosity Advantage

Curiosity drives discovery and opportunity. Why is curiosity so important and how can we use it to overcome our fears and challenges? This workshop equips travelers with the means to build their curiosity muscles and the tools to learn by doing with a Curiosity Quest for Cuba. Created by Curiosity Atlas.

Visual Storytelling

A course on photography will cover technical skills like how to change certain settings on your phone and camera to capture better images. This is a hands on session on how to turn your photos into a visual story and share it with the world through social media. Bring your camera or phone to this workshop and be ready to roll up your sleeves.


Sample Day On Board

A Fathom journey is about connecting to the wider world in a way that enriches understanding, and it’s about personal transformation, too. Most on-board activities will be not just a learning experience, but also a chance to explore your own depths. And a chance to spend some meaningful time with fellow travelers who share your view of a world where all people have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Read on for what a sample day at sea looks like or download the 7 Day journey chart and sample days to share with your traveling companions.

6–9 AM

Leisure time on board for yoga, morning meditation, a workout at the gym, or just a healthy breakfast or a cup of coffee by the pool.

9–11 AM

Cultural awareness and Change Maker break-out sessions
Small-group discussions on encouraging independent economic activity, using art to create a vital cultural bridge, and how to unleash the greatness in everyone.

12–1 PM

Lunch on the Conservatory’s outdoor deck
Enjoy a Cuban-inspired menu that focuses on nourishing and sustainable foods. Take time to recharge so you’ll feel great all day long.

1–2 PM

Visit the spa
Make the time to take care of your mind and body with a massage or a choice of other spa services.

2–3 PM

Cuba On-Board Film Festival
Immerse yourself in Cuba’s cinematic history, from the Golden 60s to today.

3–6 PM

Fathom Interactive Festival
Engage in panel discussions, interactive workshops, and design thinking showcases with leading social impact partners and entrepreneurs.

7–8:30 PM

Head to the Ocean Grill for a Cuban-inspired dinner
Explore cuisine as a window into the culture of the Cuban people. Cuban recipes, prepared by the Adonia’s expert chefs, make this a truly memorable regional food, beverage, and service experience.

8:30–9:30 PM

Attend keynote event
Learn more about Fathom’s vision and the cumulative impact from previous trips, and enjoy Cuban music and entertainment on deck.

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