12 Days of Fathom – Day 2

December 15, 2016 - 8 minutes read

On the second day of the holidays, Fathom gave to me…

…two destinations

This challenge was all about gathering stories about your most cherished Cuba or Dominican Republic experiences (or which destination you’d visit first if you hadn’t already been). Read the post below for a selection of our favorite tales. 

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While traveling to and in Cuba would be an incredible experience I don’t think there is any way it could compare to the experience offered in the Dominican Republic. To be able to physically do something for a Dominican family like pour a concrete floor and realize that you are a part of an event that can literally transform their life and the lives of their family for years. The other fascinating aspect of fathom travel is that no matter how much you do for someone there, somehow, you always end up feeling that you got the most out of deal. What a blessing indeed.Dan Cottle

I loved the welcoming atmosphere of Fathom and spirit of the travelers. Everyone was so open and willing to get to know you and hear your story and share their story! I’ve been to the DR twice and I’ve made friends that I will continue to keep in touch with for years to come!Amanda Bordeaux

We loved everything about our trip to Cuba but having guided tours with local people and hearing about their lives while seeing all the beautiful places was awesomeMike Ballengee

I went to both Cuba and DR.  I loved the Cuba trip because of the amazing music, and the fantastic energy on the ship.  I loved that I visited a country that most Americans have never seen. But D.R.  I will never forget. I shared the trip with my mom, who is from Santo Domingo, D.R.  I have always wanted to go on a social impact cruise so being able to go to her country AND give back was once in a lifetime.  In fact, I’m bringing more friends in February! – Cindy Lopez

Cuba- I have dreamed of visiting the Island for 30 years. The culture, food, buildings, cars and it’s most valuable resource, people. I would dance, drink it’s rum, eat it’s food and listen to her stories… walk the stairs and cobbles of her city’s. – Teresa G Hoffman

I chose the Dominican, as my husband had done a mission trip there last year with his church.  He loved it.  When I heard about Fathom, I knew that I wanted to go.  It just took me several months to find someone to go with me.  So excited that my daughter agreed to take the cruise this coming January. – Nancy Durgin

It’s impossible to choose between the two.

I did a back to back cruise and in my opinion a traveler should book a two week trip without them because they deserve it. Santiago to Cuba was my favorite stop loving absolutely everything about the city; from the people to the culture to the scenery. However, the Tropicana was amazing with those mature trees and the outstanding performance held outdoors in Havana. The Dominican Republicans were the most amazing people; friendly and genuinely happy people grateful for all of their blessings.  The fun part was enjoying and activity on the water with the delightful warmth of the sun. Just thinking about this two week journey warms my heart to the core…A traveler should definitely enjoy both countries back to back when possible!Patty Preisinger

When we traveled to Cuba in August (9th voyage) we loved and treasured the people to people interaction! The Cuban people were so welcoming. We just can’t wait to go back!Coriano Torres

Our vacation was the perfect balance of having fun and spending time together but also talking about other cultures, seeing how other people lived and doing more with our time than just “vacationing”. I loved that every night we would sit with a new group of people.  My son got to interact with people of different ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds. We took a memorable vacation together that helped us grow closer as a mother and son and helped us become better people.  It was our first cruise and we will never forget it.Katie Mumma

While I liked being a rare American to briefly explore Cuba, my wife and I were most impressed by the “smaller” ship experience. The activities and pace suited us perfectly, and we came home with new friends.  We enjoyed the week so much, in fact, that we will be back aboard the Adonia January 29, bound for the DR!Bill Flint

I’ve always wanted to travel to Cuba so when travel was reopened, I immediately started looking at travel options. Even with other cruise lines hopping on the bandwagon, you guys still offer the best deal. I would love to take my cruise with you next year!Sandra Joseph

I’m excited to be sailing Fathom on January 8, 2017 to Cuba!  In 2002 I was fortunate to visit Havana for a few days, and I can’t wait to see how it’s changed.  Fathom is also the only cruise line to be offering stops in Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos, so we’ll be able to see even more of Cuba.  My husband and I are intrigued to see Cuba as it is now, and Fathom has made that possible.Carol Blue

I have not been on a Fathom cruise yet, but have been on several Carnival cruises. Choosing between the Dominican Republic or Cuba for a Fathom cruise, I would do the same as you if possible; not choose! Do both!Jeremy Scott